Air Quality Testing


Compressed air quality testing

If the compressed air supplies breathing apparatus or quality-dependent equipment then accurate testing should be in place to ensure that the air quality is achieved.

COSHH compliance for breathing air

COSHH Approved Code of Practice states; "The quality of the air supplied to a breathing apparatus should be tested at least once every three months, and more frequently when the quality of the air supplied cannot be assured."

Breathing air quality with water, oil and solid contaminates as well as others e.g. Carbon Dioxide (CO²) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) can have serious health consequences. Additionally these contaminates can cause corrosion, seizing and damage to sensitive equipment, which in turn could prove very costly.

Periodic testing

Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems' trained engineers are able to conduct simple and accurate air quality testing at the point of use with Safe-Air-Testers, containing innovative technology. On completion of the test an engineer’s report will be provided and upon processing at our office a test certificate will be provided.

A full schedule can be tailored and can be carried out in conjunction with routine maintenance of the compressor package to manage costs.


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