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HPC KAESER Portable Compressors

Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems is a longstanding supplier and service provider for portable air compressors. From new and used equipment sales to maintenance, repair and supply of parts, we offer unrivalled quality service to group and individual users alike.

As a distributor of HPC KAESER MOBILAIR compressors, we have been meeting the demands through some of the toughest construction and industrial engineering applications, with compressors delivering from 42 to 1201 cfm and maximum pressures from 7 to 15 bar.


Every rotary screw airend is equipped with energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Components manufactured to the highest standards to ensure long service life with maximum reliability.

Specially developed by HPC KAESER for portable compressors, the patented Anti-Frost Control automatically regulates operating temperature in relation to ambient. This innovative system therefore prevents breakers from freezing up and significantly extends air-tool service life.

Road towable units

hpc_kaeser_m43_portable_compressorHPC KAESER MOBILAIR road towable compressors offer unrivalled reliability, versatility and performance on site.

Operation is made simple via user-friendly icons and a single start switch with pre-heat function. The unit also features fully automatic monitoring and shutdown, whilst a pressure gauge and airend temperature display enable all information to be viewed at a glance.

There are several chassis options on offer and the option of steel or PE (polyethylene) canopy available on most models.

Stationary or specialist units

The MOBILIAR range offers exceptional versatility. Various stationary and skid-mounted versions are available for static installations on site or mounted on trucks.

Ihpc_kaeser_m57_utility_compressorntegrated generators are available (for applications requiring mobile electric power), as well as compressed air treatment components, maximum pressure options and an optional pre-installed 20 metre hose reel.

Meticulous construction and premium quality components ensure trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +50 °C. However, low temperature versions are available for use in temperatures as low as -25 °C.

We can provide technical support for all installation requirements including ventilation and connections for external fuel tanks.

Maintenance, parts and spares supply

hpc_kaeser_m43_compressor_partsKingsdown Compressed Air Systems are able to tailor preventative maintenance schedules for new and existing equipment.

Our engineers carry out through maintenance to ensure maximum reliability of equipment in the field. HPC KAESER MOBILAIR compressors provide excellent component accessibility and are simple to maintain.

Our team provide full technical support and can ensure ready availability of genuine HPC KAESER spares and consumables.

For all HPC KAESER equipment, parts supply and maintenance enquiries please contact Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems.

View the HPC KAESER MOBILAIR overview (pdf)

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